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Profitable. Fast-growing. Hugely diverse.

DCC Values

About DCC

We are a FTSE 100 company employing circa 10,000 employees operating across 15 countries. We provide international sales, marketing and support services group with a clear focus on performance and growth. 

While you may not have come across the name DCC before due to our devolved structure, you will almost certainly have heard of one or more of our 40+ businesses. 

What We Do

We specialise in providing international sales, marketing and business support services group. What does this mean in real terms? Everything from marketing health and beauty products in Scandinavia to selling and distributing billions of litres of liquefied petroleum gas in Britain, France and Ireland. There are four different divisions we operate in: DCC LPG, DCC Retail & Oil, DCC Healthcare and DCC Technology.

Our Values

The future growth and development of DCC will entail expansion into new geographies and cultures. Our Core Values, which are part of the Group’s DNA, will remain constant and they will bind us together.

Foundation and venture capital heritage

DCC was founded in 1976 by Jim Flavin as Development Capital Corporation Limited – a venture and development capital company based in Dublin, Ireland. The investment focus was to back entrepreneurial management teams in growth businesses that displayed attractive return on capital employed characteristics.