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How Graduateland helped Procter & Gamble

See Nicolai Kristiansen, Country leader of P&G - Denmark, explain the benefits of running internship programmes and how Graduateland has helped them in recruiting the right candidates.

  • An internship programme is a way of acquiring talented people at an early stage.
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With dedicated and tailored assistance from Graduateland, Nykredit has built a strong Graduate Programme and attracts a strong and qualified field of applicants for our Finance and IT Graduate positions. Graduateland is also an essential partner in our ongoing recruitment of student assistants and junior profiles, and we look forward to continuing the great partnership and working even closer together with Graduateland in the future.

Julie Harpøth Bjørnsen , Employer brand specialist at Nykredit

Graduateland has helped Novo Nordisk develop targeted campaigns. This includes job postings, direct mails and social media promotion to attract qualified applicants worldwide for our graduate programmes, internship programme and student positions. We see Graduateland as dedicated professionals with a passion for helping us reach our goals.

Caroline Bloch , Talent Attraction Specialist

Graduateland is a great partner for us to use to reach out to students at various universities all over the Nordic region to promote our University Talent Programme, without spending unnecessary time posting adverts on all the different career sites. They have been a professional and efficient partner to work with.

Sofie Johansson , Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

Hilti Denmark and Sweden cooperated with Graduateland in regards to the launch of a brand-new Graduate Programme. We were met with enthusiasm, service and consultants with great expertise. It resulted in many qualified and relevant applications and hires.

Vibeke Slot Vahlkvist , HR Director

Partnering with Graduateland on our hiring into our Sales Graduate Programme has been a very positive experience for us. The team created a tailor-made strategy which covered several countries and the quality of applications has been excellent. Their fresh and innovative approach to recruitment of young talent has really enabled us to be successful with our talent acquisition.

Linn Hesthag , Graduate Talent Acquisition Manager Nordics

The best thing about Graduateland is that you can build a presence in multiple universities, reaching thousands of students in different countries without spending more than a few minutes on it per job. We have used Graduateland as our sole channel when recruiting trainees and junior candidates to our Dream Team and we are more than satisfied.

Konstantin Bitsakis , Recruiter

We have been happy with Graduateland’s services, especially the timely and flexible manner in which our requests have been handled. We are big fans of the concept and believe it is a great way to reach qualified students. Our only wish is for the platform to be rolled out to cover more universities in order to attract a greater variety of students.

Martin Schultz , Managing Director & Partner

We used Graduateland to advertise our Summer Internship Programme and got great response from students at multiple universities in Sweden. We plan to continue using your services in the future when we want to reach out to students and graduates.

Susanna Edler , HR Manager

The easily navigable site of Graduateland, extensive reach, service-minded account managers and fast feedback, have landed us the exact qualified international applicants we were searching for on time. This is essential to our rapidly expanding business. Keep up the terrific work, Graduateland!

Caecilie Anker Nielsen , Marketing Manager, Nordics

Graduateland delivers high quality, sparring and innovation – everytime, and always with a positive mindset and keeping the customer – us – in focus, making sure that deliveries match our needs. We have more than once experienced that the good people at Graduateland have worked an extra mile for us, to make sure that the result was satisfactory. We are now looking forward to working even closer together with Graduateland working with a Nordic mindset.

Trine Bohl , Employer Branding Manager

NNIT has worked together with Graduateland almost since the beginning when they first launched their business. They have assisted us through a number of campaigns promoting the NNIT Graduate Program with success – by use of banners, social media and direct mails. The team always deliver high quality solutions with a positive and service minded approach which is highly appreciated and recommendable.

Anne Pia Bjerg Overbeck , Senior Communication Consultant/Brand Manager

Graduateland has been a great partner to CSC in promoting our Graduate Program across the Nordic & Baltic Region. Through direct mail campaigns, job postings, and promotion we have achieved significantly greater brand awareness towards targeted talents. Graduateland is professionally dedicated to help you in achieving your goals. To CSC - Graduateland is a team player.

Peter Hecht , Employer Branding Communications Manager

Danske Bank Corporate Finance in Sweden has on several occasions used Graduateland’s services in the recruitment of students to our internship program. We are very pleased with the outcome, reaching a vast majority of the students we are interested in hiring. The service level has always been high, and we’ve appreciated their proactive and flexible approach.

Gustaf Rova , Associate Director

An important part of the TOPdesk Sales department is a smaller branding department, which consists of up to 10 students, working on strengthening the brand of TOPdesk. TOPdesk Denmark is recruiting students several times a year, and has on several occasions used Graduateland’s services in the recruitment process. In general, we are very pleased with the services and the outcome of our advertising. Cooperating with Graduateland is always smooth, effective, and all projects and continuously followed up and evaluated securing the best available outcome.

David Truelsen Basse , Marketing & Office Sales Manager

With Graduateland we quickly came in contact with relevant candidates worldwide who were interested in starting up our business. Our first employee came through Graduateland from a university in Australia. The person had just finished the education and sought opportunities in Sweden. To get in touch with ambitious students has been a key factor for Consector to grow to 40 employees in order to fulfill our vision to revolutionize the way consumers procure loans and credits in the Nordic region.

Pontus Holgersson , CEO & Founder of Consector